Our Subsidiaries

Global Produce Sales is primarily a marketer of watermelon

We’ve found it helpful to form three subsidiaries to focus on tasks other than marketing in different locations.

Moore Haven Melons

Moore Haven Melons is located in, surprisingly, Moore Haven, Florida. We established this entity to grow watermelons in South Florida. With Greg Collier leading the way, Moore Haven Melons allows Global to begin our season with good early volume. This prompt start allows us to start serving our customers with quality and volume in April.

Triploid Packing

Triploid Packing handles our harvesting, packing, and shipping operations in Plant City, Florida. After our growers grow the crop, Triploid takes it to the finish, managing the harvest crews, the warehouse operations, and the transportation. This Plant City production is a large part of our Memorial Day shipments.

Summer Time Melons

Summer Time Melons is based in and around Cordele, Georgia. Summer Time is a grower, packer, and shipper. With our grower partners we provide volume and quality to our customers for the crucial time period leading up to and through the 4th of July holiday.